Complex Event Processing (CEP)

SQL Server StreamInsightChartered Systems Integration provides real-time Business Intelligence solutions built upon Microsoft StreamInsight. This allows corporations to gain insights from critical information in near real-time by monitoring, analyzing, and acting on data in motion. Enterprises can make informed business decisions nearly instantaneously.

  • Process large event volumes of data across multiple data streams.
  • Gain continuous insight through historical data mining.
  • Contain development costs by utilizing existing skill sets.
  • Reduce management complexity.
  • Monitor your data from multiple sources for meaningful patterns, trends, exceptions, and opportunities.
  • Analyze and correlate data incrementally while the data is in-flight — that is, without first storing it–yielding very low latency.
  • Manage your business by performing low-latency analytics on the events and triggering response actions that are defined on your business key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Respond quickly to areas of opportunity or threat by incorporating your KPI definitions into the logic of the CEP application, thereby improving operational efficiency and your ability to respond quickly to business opportunities.
  • Mine events for new business KPIs.
  • Move toward a predictive business model by mining historical data to continuously refine and improve your KPI definitions.

Our solutions are a new approach to real-time risk management using Complex Event Processing. Multiple streams of data are collated from events that occur in systems such as core banking, treasury, trading platforms and risk management. These events are then correlated and analysed and a real-time risk management dashboard is produced to monitor these risk events. Thresholds can be defined on the dashboard to generate alerts if breached. CSI’s solution is highly popular with financial institutions for Basel III compliance:

Complex Event Processing