Chartered Systems Integration works with a number of local, international partners and vendors such as:

Microsoft Microsoft was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Chartered Systems Integration is a Microsoft Certified Partner. This allows the company:

  • To have solutions independently validated by a third party.
  • To exploit the experience of leading technical and industry experts worldwide.
  • Premier access to all Microsoft technologies, including the newest and most innovative.
  • Exclusive developer and technical support from Microsoft.
IBM In addition to being the world’s largest IT and consulting services company, IBM is a global business and technology leader, innovating in research and development to shape the future of society at large. IBM’s prized research, development and technical talent around the world partner with governments, corporations, thinkers and doers on ground breaking real world problems to help make the world work better and build a smarter planet.

Chartered Systems Integration is an IBM Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

Cisco CISCO Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today, networks are an essential part of business, education, government, and home communications. CISCO hardware, software and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make these networks possible, giving individuals, companies, and countries easy access to information anywhere, at any time. A tradition of IP innovation continues with the development of industry-leading products in the core technologies of routing and switching, along with Advanced Technologies in areas such as home networking, IP telephony, optical networking, security, storage area networking and wireless technology.In addition to its products, CSI provides a broad range of service offerings, including technical support and advanced services on all CISCO products.
Symantec Symantec is a global leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions. By partnering with Symantec, CSI helps consumers and businesses, right up to the largest global organizations to secure and manage their information against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently than any other company.Our focus is to eliminate risks to information, technology and processes independent of the device, platform, interaction or location.
Abiquo Abiquo is a leading provider of Cloud management solutions. Abiquo envisions a future where private and public Clouds are fully interoperable and vendor neutral. The company embraces an open-source model where both community users and commercial organizations can fully benefit from the Cloud revolution.CSI has recently partnered up with Abiquo to bring Cloud computing to Zimbabwe and the region.
Nihilent Nihilent is an ISO 9001:2008 certified global consulting and solutions integration company. They use a holistic and systems approach to problem solving that revolves around People, Process, Technology and Knowledge Management. Nihilent has a broad portfolio of consulting-led services in international consulting, IT outsourcing and IT services.
iSolv Technologies iSolv Technologies focusses on the development and production of state-of-the-art ICT Security Solutions. Specialising in communications monitoring and cyber security, iSolv has earned a reputation for innovation, flexibility and discretion. iSolv takes security seriously, and implements stringent measures to ensure customers’ information is handled in a professional and secure manner at all times.
Craft Silicon Craft Silicon is a leading global financial software solutions provider in the banking, microfinance, mobile and transaction switching sectors.